Saturday, 16 February 2013

Attempts Devised Part1

To continue on Attempts, with its various wildly differentiating acts it would be nothing short of wild to put on stage. Coupled with my want to make the audience part of the spectated and aware of their own Gaze I came up with various methods of staging these acts. One part was clear, I want to use new technology to take the viewer out of their seats and by using the outside world as the stage, make the viewer aware of their own "acting" that is life. In this way highlighting our own Gaze on others as Anne is subjected to during the play.

So in this act Anne is being watched by spies or detectives, their identities are unknown. This would be sent to the audience member as an mp3 file and a walk (in this case London) would be guided by instructions via an email, along the way CCTV cameras are pointed out and the "spies" speak in reference to these cameras that watch us all.

acting by Vijay Patel and Claire Thompson, video by Chloe Cornell

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