Wednesday, 1 May 2013


I saw this film and it really was touching. Though in my experience, unrealistic, my dog would wake me up and keep bugging me till I fed him... Nice thought though, a foodie dog taking care of his weary man, with a touch of the secret agent as the dog hides his saucepan-weilding nature. I really enjoyed the character design, there was a little of "my dog tulip" that makes you want to get your own foodie dog.

So here's "Omelette" by Madeline Sharafian, she says:

 "Finally my 2nd Calarts film is completed! It feels really great to make a more personal film this year, now that I know the ropes of filmmaking a bit better. I wanted to make something that focuses on how meaningful it is to make food for someone you love. My family's lives practically revolve around cooking for each other, so it's a theme that I'm deeply attached to. I hope you enjoy it!"

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