Sunday, 22 September 2013

Prop Design- Clear Chaos

I was given the brief of making a remote control that would 'suck out the colour' from the screen in the new series 'Points of You'. The catch was that it would be seen mainly from the back of the remote, with the front facing the actress so it had to be interesting. So, back to the drawing board!

My first thought was of those clear telephones and alarm clocks that used to be popular in the 90s. Then I wanted to add buttons and knobs to give the actress something to work with. The acrylic covers were made from vacuum forming wood blocks cut and shaped to remote-like dimensions.
Technical Drawing of Remote Prop

Sketch of how all the pieces fit together. Below are images of the finished product.

See the prop in the new intro of Points of You! And to see how plastic can be formed into different shapes with a Vacuum Forming Machine!
images by Chloe Cornell and on-set image from Points of You. Drawings by Chloe Cornell

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