Saturday, 25 January 2014

DIY Rodarte Star Pin

So like many people I loved the star hair pieces that were used in the F/W 12 show. They were made specially for Rodarte and were available to buy for $640. Since then there were a slew of DIY versions, and as I love the piece myself I decided to try my hand at making one too.

The Inspiration

The Ingredients

Wire, thick gauge but bendable
wire cutters
gold spray
gold paint
stars (star metal studs)
optional: pliable sheet metal (custom stars)

 Looking at the original (below) figure out what your metal frame will look like and where your stars will go and design a template.


Luckily there was a Rodarte model who received her star hair piece as a gift after the show and put it up for sale on ebay, so I got a close look at the original from all angles. I noted that the main triangular base is curved slightly to fit against the head. It is also soldered (the metal pieces are glued together with liquidated metal) in a very free form manner, you can see a lot of the metal gobs of soldered metal even on pieces like the arms for the stars that would be one continuous piece of metal, so obviously a design feature. I created this look with hot glue (note: metal can get very hot, good to use pliers.) Note: It is easiest to glue pieces that have more surface area

Gluing the pieces together.

The larger stars were impossible to find as studs, so I made them out of sheet brass, see my medieval headphones for more about that type of metal. I cut out the stars then bent the middle of the star prongs to get the 3D effect.

Make sure to roughen up the surface of the metal before you glue so the glue will adhere. 

After the stars are all affixed to the frame you can spray the whole thing gold or use paint to create a uniform colour.

Finished product! I used bobby pins to fix this to my hair but you could also glue pins or clips to the back to make attaching it easier.

I had extra stars so I decided to make a more astronomically correct pin and modeled it after the little dipper!

Good luck with yours and enjoy!

Background: Botticelli the Three Graces from 'Primavera'
fingaz77 on ebay for the closeup pictures of the hairpin
little dipper from app StarWalk

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  1. This is such a fabulous DIY! Very impressed with your skills and what a great way to still wear a lovely piece inspired by the real deal but for a fraction of the price!

    Rae | Love from Berlin