Sunday, 9 November 2014

DIY Document Portfolio

I've been loving luxury luggage for a while. It reminds me of the Golden Age of Travel from the 20s-60s and the glamour that that entails. From 'making the crossing' via an ocean liner from New York to Southampton to travelling on the Blue Train to the south of France, I love the sense of adventure and the comfort that prevailed. Unlike today with the hustle and stress that is modern air travel, that is unless you travel first class. And while I know that luxury in either time is the province of the rich I do appreciate the care and time it takes to make these expensive accoutrement. Goyard has always been a favourite of mine over LV, as it is less known and with its bright colours, more appealing to my artist's eye. While I will probably never be able to justify spending upward of £800 for a tote I can bring a bit of glam to my luggage with the help of a paint brush. I got the idea for a portfolio from Design Sponge where they were DIYing leather folders. I and since I happened to have some leather offcuts and some Liberty fabric I decided to make my friend a leather case for his birthday. Below are some inspiration photos. The rest are found on my "make" board.

The leather proved to be very soft so I stiffened it with cardboard on the back and flaps, this was covered in the fabric. It was then glued in place with a seam line left around the edges to sew with the cool neon floss I found.  The holes for sewing were made with a dowel and the envelope button was made with some paper backed in card attached with a brass split fastener. The monogram was my favourite part and maybe I'll put my new CMC monogram on some of my own leather goods. 

All in all this portfolio was fast and easy to make, though I now need to buy some more fabric glue. Hopefully in the future I can fulfil my dream of making a luggage series based off of the old luxury designs, but with wheels. For more pictures of inspiration seem my interest boards, "travel" and "make",

 for sources of photos go to "make" board,, and click on relevant photos for source.

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  1. This is really nice post that briefs about brown leather portfolio. You have really make me chuckle out loud several time throughout.I hardly find such a beautiful and strong leather case in life. Thanks for the post sharing.